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What is HOLMES 2?
HOLMES 2 is an investigation management system to assist law enforcement organisations in their management of the complex process of investigating serious crimes. It enables them to improve effectiveness and productivity in crime investigations, helping to solve crimes more quickly and improve detection rates.

In 1986, UK Police Forces started to employ the original Home Office Large Major Enquiry System (HOLMES) in all major incidents including serial murders, multi-million pound fraud cases and major disasters.

Whilst HOLMES was a very effective administrative support system for investigating major crimes, the progress of technology revealed some fundamental weaknesses, particularly in the areas of investigation support and linking separate incidents. What Police Forces needed was a new solution that assisted them in exchanging information as well as in making better use of their information.

In 1994, the Police Service launched a plan to replace the existing HOLMES systems with one new system that would overcome these weaknesses. At the same time, this would provide the opportunity to update their technology and acquire a flexible system which would cope much more easily with future changes. This was the foundation for the successor to HOLMES, which became known as HOLMES 2.

HOLMES 2 has been developed by UNISYS under a PFI framework agreement with NPIA, which provides the sole NPIA-approved HOLMES 2 system to all UK Police Forces.

Overview of HOLMES 2 Overview of HOLMES 2


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